Oculight GLx

1.5 Watts 532nm Green

With Zeiss laser-link +/- Zeiss 30-SL

Repeat Mode

Excellent condition

$14,500   Haag Link or Zeiss Link

$15,500   with Slit Lamp Zeiss 30-SL

Iris Medical (Iridex)

Model "GL" 532nm

1.5 Watts

Excellent Condition

Very reliable.

With Laser Link and safety filter for transpupillary delivery from a Zeiss 30-SL slit lamp.


       Lumenis "Spectra" 532nm Green

                              $14,500 with Laser Link


"Spectra" Solid State laser with repeat mode and laser link for Zeiss -30 SL or Haag Streit BM 900 slit lamps.  LIO available/endo safety filter available.

2.2 Watts

Watch the video below for repeat mode demonstration.

Lumenis "Varia"

Multicolor Retina Photocoagulator

Lumenis "Varia" for sale.  3 lasers/ 3 wavelengths

1500 milliWatts of 532 Green

 600 milliWatts of 561 Yellow

 600 milliWatts of 659 Red

Solid State technology, diode pumped.

Slit lamp adapter for Zeiss 30-SL or similar as well as a L.I.O., and of course it will go endo.

Get the system you want AND save a bunch of money.



We welcome you to make an offer for this laser.

Two (2) are available at this time.

One unit available


HGM "Elite" 532nm Green



 Only 12.5 lbs with 1.5 Watts of 532 green laser.  Haag Streit laser link delivery.  This system is in excellent condition.  


A low profile, easy to use, very quick start-up, portable photocoagulator.  There is a L.I.O. available for this system.

Coherent "Ultima-2000" Argon

New Lower Price !!  $7000.00

Dependable, low maintenance Argon Lasers


Coherent "ULTIMA 2000" & 2000-SE Models

This is available with a laser-link for either a Haag Streit or Zeiss 30-SL.



A very affordable laser for the office.


 Fully refurbished with 1.5 Watts of blue-green and 800 mWatts of green only.

This is a great laser and will perform well for years to come.

110 volt, any plug in any room, air cooled.

Perfectly Calibrated.



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Skype : laserdude532nm


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Trade-ins welcome.6

Nidek GYC-2000 Solid State Photocoagulator

Nidek GYC 2000

Excellent condition, full power @ 1.7 Watts.

Can be mounted on a Zeiss 30-SL or a Nidek SL-1600, which we could provide.



L.I.O.s are available for most items listed, as are endo safety filters.