Lumenis "Aura PT" YAG 

Variable Energy up to 17.0mJ

Variable Aiming Intensity

Variable Offset

The slit lamp contains all of the laser components.

No additional power supplies or boxes.

Completely Portable





Lumenis "Aura"

Yag Laser.


Variable energy up to 10.0mJ

Variable Aiming Intensity

Variable Offset

Power Table











Nidek YC-1600 YAG

Out of stock  We are looking to buy these!!

This is a great YAG Laser.

Fully portable

Variable energy from 0.6mJ to 10.0mJ

Variable Offset

Burst mode 2/3

Fully variable intensity aiming beams (2) & they are rotatable


As it is portable, just pick it up and put it on any instrument table


Alcon 3000-LE YAG Laser

0.6mJ fully variable up to 10.0mJ

burst 2-3 shots

Variable dual aiming beams

Variable Aiming Intensity

Variable offset

Designed by LaserEx for Alcon

Power table included



Yag II+


Very Clean

Good Energy

Variable Energy

Variable Offset

Variable Aiming



Budget YAGs

Affordable & Reliable


Coherent 7970 YAG Laser

The Standard for Ophthalmology

Fully refurbished, spec energy

This is a very durable and dependable YAG laser

Variable energy from 0.8 to 10.0mJ

3 step aiming beam intensity


Integrated slit lamp and power table

This system ships very well

Alcon/CooperVision 2500 YAG Laser

This is a real workhorse.


*Variable energy from  0.8mJ to 10.0mJ in 10 steps

*Burst Mode up to 6 shots per burst

*Fully variable aiming beam intensity *Footswitch fire

*Power Table

*Active *Q-Switching prevents double pulsing.