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 Alcon and CooperVision YAG laser service specialists. 


We also specialize in many discontinued models from Coherent, HGM, LaserEx, AMO, and many others.


Original OEM parts.

Alcon 3000-LE YAG parts & service.  Alcon 2300 & 2500 YAG parts & service.



We provide service on ophthalmic lasers from coast to coast, the islands, and into Mexico.


Jeff Robinson of "Laser Care" has serviced ophthalmic lasers of most makes and models, from the oldest to the newest, and with 34 years of experience, understands the specific details necessary to repair or refurbish lasers to their proper condition.

If you don't see what you want, call us, and we will find it for you.


We have replacement parts for many models which are no longer supported by the original manufacturer and can repair those lasers onsite.


We have replacement YAG heads, Argon tubes, and fiber optics for your system.